Department of French and Francophone Studies

Notice Board/Circulars

106/06/2018Admission Notice 2018-19
206/06/2018Admission Notice 2018-19
306/06/2018Admission Notice 2018-19
406/06/2018Admission Notice 2018-19
508/05/2018Lectures Shortage of Adv.Diploma
608/05/2018Lectures Shortage of Diploma
708/05/2018Lectures Shortage of C.C.
915/06/2017Research Completion Data
1022/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1122/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1222/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1322/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1422/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1522/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1622/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1722/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1822/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
1922/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
2022/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
2122/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
2222/02/2017Syllabus of M.A. in French
2321/11/2016Award of Fellowship for Ph.D
2421/11/2016Alumni Meet
2520/08/2016Revised Notice for Additional Seats in Certificate Course
2620/08/2016Notice for Additional Seats
2716/08/2016Orientation session held on 18-08-2016
2808/08/2016Merit list of Diploma Course in French
2908/08/2016Merit List of Advanced Diploma in French
3005/08/2016No Seats
3104/08/2016Waiting List P 26
3204/08/2016Waiting List P 25
3304/08/2016Waiting List P 24
3404/08/2016Waiting List P 23
3504/08/2016Waiting List P 22
3604/08/2016Waiting List P 21
3704/08/2016Waiting List P20
3803/08/2016Waiting List P19
3903/08/2016Waiting List P18
4003/08/2016Waiting List P17
4103/08/2016Waiting List P16
4203/08/2016Waiting List P15
4303/08/2016Waiting List P14
4403/08/2016Waiting List P13
4503/08/2016Waiting List P12
4603/08/2016Waiting List P11
4703/08/2016Waiting List P10
4803/08/2016Waiting List P9
4903/08/2016Waiting List P8
5003/08/2016Waiting List P7
5103/08/2016Waiting List P6
5203/08/2016Waiting List P5
5303/08/2016Waiting List P4
5403/08/2016Waiting List P3
5503/08/2016Waiting List P2
5603/08/2016Waiting List of Certificate Course
5701/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
5801/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
5901/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6001/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6101/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6201/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6301/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6401/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6501/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6601/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6701/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6801/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
6901/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7001/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7101/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7201/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7301/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7401/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7501/08/2016Merit List of Certificate Course
7601/08/2016Fee Notice
7816/07/2016Fees detail for M.A. 1st Semester (French) Session 2016-17
7916/07/2016Approved Merit List for M.A. 1st Semester (French) Session 2016-17
8013/07/2016Tentative Merit List for M.A.I (French) Session 2016-17
8129/06/2016Interview schedule for Certificate Course for the session 2016-17
8229/06/2016Interview schedule for M.A. 1st Semester for the session 2016-17
8329/06/2016Check list for documents to be attached with admission form
8429/06/2016Eligibility for all courses of French
8521/06/2016Schedule for holding interview of various courses in French Session 2016-17
8621/08/2015Names of Research Supervisors & Vacant Positions of Ph.D. Students
8704/08/2015Orientation session
8820/06/2015Schedule for Certificate Course admission 2015-16
8920/06/2015Schedule for M.A. admission 2015-16
9013/06/2015Last Date for submission of Admission form
9113/06/2015Check List of Documents Attached
9213/06/2015Eligibility/Admission Criteria
9313/06/2015Admission to Certificate Course in French

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